9 years




Not sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites



Special Elida is looking for a family that will choose with her heart�

We were approached by the military from the Zaporozhye region - under their care was a completely blind cat, which came to them right on the front line. The military had to be transferred to another direction, and she herself simply would not have survived there. Therefore, we started evacuation, and soon we had a little one. Here is what the doctors managed to find out:

- Elida is blind due to a concussion, the blindness is not complete, she can distinguish bright light
- She has an immunodeficiency - it does not affect her health, but she must be the only tail in the family or a pair to a tail with the same diagnosis

So, we are looking for a special family for her, who will give her the peace and love she dreamed of, because she deserves it more than anyone💔 After all, she is calm, gentle, and very people-oriented!

If you have any questions about this tail - contact us:

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