3 years




Not sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites


Metis staff

Willy - our last nerve cell - is looking for a home👾

Vitalik is a special dog. He is a half-breed of the staff, he was evacuated from the flooded part of Kherson. They caught, as they say, the whole village, because the dog was scared to death. But the problems did not end there - in Kyiv, he began to lose a lot of weight, and his general condition literally reached a critical level in a couple of days - Vitalik was hospitalized. Suspicion of oncology, adhesions in the stomach, heartworm disease, depression - doctors checked the diagnosis by diagnosis to find the cause of his condition. We joked among ourselves that Vitalik is our last nerve cell, because at least 4 times Vitalik was on the edge - and each time he got out. He really wants to live and be with people, and probably thanks to this he is holding on💚
Currently, only hypodynamia has been confirmed for Vitalik - this means that he simply needs a more active lifestyle than other dogs, and preferably an area for free walking.

He is great with other dogs, he also gets used to strangers quickly. An active and loving dog, but with its own breed characteristics.

If you have any questions about this tail - contact us:

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