1 year




Sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites



Akki is our special and most positive little one👾

In fact, this ever-smiling face has a difficult fate - in March 2023, he was found covered in blood, hit by a car, almost drowned in a puddle, by mortars of the Kalinovsky regiment. And Akki owes his life to them - they not only saved the little one, but also operated, rehabilitated and cared for him for more than half a year. Yes, Akki has a broken spine and does not walk on his hind legs, but he has a good chance of walking again. Currently, thanks to care, he is already standing on one of his paws and can lean on them when walking. Although no, he does not walk - he flies! Like a small hurricane, a thunderstorm of all rubber pigs and roosters, he squeezes everything out of this life and continues to be incredibly active! He loves people, loves other animals, loves the sun and walks and does not tolerate an ounce of self-pity!

From the peculiarities of caring for him: he goes to the toilet by himself, but he cannot control it. Therefore, it must be washed 2 times a day and provide conditions for a tidy life. He walks in a wheelchair, with it he is completely mobile and in general the star of the district!

Open your heart to a special boy, and he will teach you how to stay sincere and positive despite any disagreements!

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