6 years




Sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites, chipped



Rudolph is looking for a family💔

Rudolph was taken out of the Kherson region and we can only guess what he had to go through. Maybe he was kept in a cage that was too tight, or maybe he just wasn't treated. Now we only know that he is a young, cool, gentle and very human-oriented dog, who is actually having a hard time in the shelter. With new people, he is quite scary, but when he gets used to it, he is the most gentle child in the world who looks into his eyes and begs to be held. Therefore, we are looking for him a family that will give him a chance to feel important and reveal his inner child!

Give love to the tail whose house was destroyed, and he will thank you with the warmest shared memories!

If you have any questions about this tail - contact us:

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